Speaker: BBUUC Worship

The Inauguration of a New Day

The Worship Team presents
“The Inauguration of a New Day”
(A Martin Luther King Sunday Worship Service)
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Dr. John Daugherty, Guest Musician, (Baritone)

When Dr. King was arrested in Birmingham, Alabama for participating in a civil rights demonstration, he laid out … read more.

BBUUC’s Annual Christmas Eve Service

BBUUC’s Annual Christmas Eve Service
Presented by
Rev. Carmen Emerson, BBUUC’s Affiliated Community Minister
and Members of The Worship Team
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Choral music by The BBUUC Christmas Choir, led by Marilyn Smart

Come, bring your family and friends to our annual Christmas … read more.

Christmas Pageant

BBUUC Family Worship Service and
Religious Education Christmas Pageant
Jenn Jones, Director of Lifespan Religious Education
Beth Curtis, Worship Leader
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist
Jennifer Bacmeister and Sydney Crisp, Special Music

Join us as our children and youth lead ALL AGES in a celebration of the … read more.

Attitude of Gratitude

Worship and Religious Education present
“Attitude of Gratitude”
(A Family Worship Service)
Caitlin Regan, Worship Leader
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist
Mike Ludwick, Special Music, Guitar and Vocals

It’s time to express our gratitude for all we have. This intergenerational worship service is a chance to spend … read more.

All Souls: A Service of Remembrance

The Worship Team presents
All Souls: A Service of Remembrance 
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Rik Palieri, guitar, vocals, and more

The end of October and the beginning of November bring us Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, and All Souls Day—holidays and holy days … read more.

BBUUC’s Annual Flower Communion

BBUUC’s Annual Flower Communion
Led by members of the Worship team
Also featuring a BBUUC
Benefactor Recognition Ceremony
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist

The Flower Communion is an annual ritual held in the spring that celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. Each person … read more.

Side with Love Sunday

BBUUC Worship & the UUA/Side with Love presents
“Side with Love Sunday”
With Elizabeth DeCoux, Worship Leader
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist

About our service:

Unitarian Universalist congregations around the country will participate in the annual tradition of “Side with Love Sunday,” celebrating the culmination of … read more.

BBUUC Christmas Eve Worship Service

BBUUC Christmas Eve Worship Service

Led by the Worship Team

With music by Gary, Marilyn, Molly and Kate Smart

Come and join us to begin your Christmas Eve celebrations with a service that explores the various meanings that Christmas holds for us as Unitarian … read more.

The Holiness of Waiting


The Worship Team presents

“The Holiness of Waiting”

 With Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist

Guest Musician Dr. John Daugherty, Vocalist (Baritone)

“Serene, I fold my hands and wait,

Nor care for wind, or tide, nor … read more.