The BBUUC Library officially opened its doors to Members and Friends on Sunday, June 5, 2016. Over the years, our collection has steadily grown to over 500 books. In July 2018, new bookshelves were purchased and installed as our collection grew.

The library is located in the sanctuary and is combined with the wiggle room. Books are arranged alphabetically on the shelf by their tile. To borrow materials, simply write your name on the checkout sheet located by the door. There are no limits on how long you can borrow materials.

Online Catalog:

To view current materials, please review our online catalog here:

Donation Policy:

The Library Task Force Team continues to accept donations for our library. The library acquires and accepts the donation of print and audio visual materials that are in a format widely used for the past five years.

Donations that meet the following criteria are welcome:

  • Foster active understanding of UU principles and purposes
  • Reflect the diverse theological viewpoints within Unitarian Universalism
  • Encourage understanding of Unitarian and Universalist origins, history, traditions and worship
  • Represent many sources of spiritual insight and religious teaching on which Unitarian Universalism draws
  • Focus on the lives, works and ideas of Unitarians and Universalists, past and present
  • Include the works of UU authors and publishers
  • Support and enrich BBUUC’s religious education programs for youth and adults
  • Serve BBUUC’s staff and leaders, and the work of BBUUC’s many committees, programs, projects and activities
  • Support members and friends in their religious journeys within the UU tradition
  • Encourage members and friends to serve wider communities and the world in ways that reflect and extend Unitarian Universalist values
  • Uphold the vision and mission of the congregation

Donated materials will be evaluated for inclusion in the library on the basis of these criteria and physical condition. When donating books, we welcome the donor(s) their name(s) inside the front cover. Donated material not added to the library will be donated to other organizations that might use them, discarded, or offered as part of any book sale conducted by BBUUC.

The BBUUC library cannot assess the value of a donation. It is the donor’s responsibility to determine the value of the donation or use an independent appraiser to do it for them. If requested, a form acknowledging the donation can be created and sent to the donor.

To donate, please either leave materials in the library or in the church office along with a note that the items are to be donated to the library. Please also include your name so we can appropriately recognize your donation.

Questions or requests of items to purchase? Contact Madeline at