The Members section has moved and requires a registered Google account.  If you have not already joined the, then please read the below for information.  If you are not sure, click on this link and if you get a 404 error, you have not joined the group or you are logged into a different Google account.

The new members website:


Changes to the members section of the website

A new members group,, has been created.  You can ask to join the group at this link: Member’s Only Group.  

The group is for BBUUC members only and serves 2 purposes.  It is an email group for exchanging emails among BBUUC members.  This is a replacement for the BBUUS Yahoo group. Yahoo no longer supports storing pictures.  All the pictures that we stored in the Yahoo group over the years have been moved to a Google shared drive accessible by the member’s group.

The documents that have been accessible from the members section of the website have been moved to a Google shared drive.   To have access to the documents and pictures you must join the BBUUC members’ group,, using a Google account.  Once you have joined the group you can access the documents and pictures at  The documents include annual reports, Board minutes, Bylaws, Council minutes, Finance reports, and committee policies.


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