Who can become a Member?

We openly extend an invitation to membership to those who share our affirmation of the Principles and Purposes of Unitarian Universalism and who support the goals and activities of our congregation.  We have no requirement for acceptance of a doctrine or creed.  We ask Members to affirm and promote the stated principles of Unitarian Universalism and abide by our covenants.

The specific requirements for membership as stated in our Bylaws are:

  • Be 16 years of age or older
  • Attend the “Learn About UU” and “Learn About BBUUC” Classes 

           Exceptions for:

      • Individuals transferring directly from another UU congregation
      • Individuals who were former members of the Church who wish to be reinstated as Member
      • Former long-term students of our religious education program who decide to join as adults

We strongly encourage those directly transferring from a UU church to take the “Learn About BBUUC” Class to become familiar with our congregation and we welcome participation in both Learn About Us classes.

  • Make an annual recordable financial contribution to BBUUC (waiver available)
  • Support the Church through service as able
  • Observe the Covenant of Right Relationship
  • Sign the Membership Book

Why would I choose to become a Member?

  • Make likeminded friends
  • Access to Chaplain Services for weddings, funerals, child dedication
  • Subscriptions and membership in national UU Association
  • Exercise your voice in our congregational affairs
  • Enjoy the right to vote at our congregational meetings.  
  • Access to Members Only sections of our website 
  • Opportunity to serve on Board, as Chairs, Teachers, Chaplains
  • Optional participation in New Member Ceremony
  • Discounts on rental of BBUUC facilities

Our active and diverse membership comes from many walks of life.  We may have different spiritual backgrounds and different reasons for joining, yet we all find common ground and enjoy the fellowship within our church community and have a desire to support a liberal religious voice in our community at large.  We believe that each person has unique abilities to share with our congregation and offers support in their own way.

To register for our “Learn About Us” Classes, click here.

If you have made the decision to become a member of BBUUC, please click here.