Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation and Empowerment



We believe in the power of organized people

ICARE is a network of 38 Jacksonville congregations working across racial, religious and socioeconomic lines to pursue justice. Through direct action, we use our people power to hold public officials accountable for issues of fairness affecting our community. BBUUC has been a member of ICARE since August, 2014.

We uncover, research and take direct action on community problems using a three-part process

Every year ICARE leaders meet with others from their congregation to discuss community problems. Through these conversations, common areas of concern emerge. Leaders then vote to determine a few major priorities to focus on.

ICARE leaders form research committees to determine viable solutions that will resolve the problems long-term, as well as the public officials in Jacksonville who have the authority to implement those solutions.

ICARE then holds a large public meeting called a Nehemiah Assembly. Supporters from our 38 member congregations (usually over 1,000) gather to negotiate solutions with public officials in attendance.  

Doing Justice Since 1997


Is justice part of your spiritual journey? Contact BBUUC’s ICARE Justice Ministry at icare@bbuuc.org.