What is the work of the Healthy Congregation Ministry?
The primary work of the team is to promote the emotional health of the congregation through education and training in the following areas:

  • Healthy Conflict and Conflict resolution
  • Listening skills
  • Covenants and right relationships
  • Healthy (nonviolent) communication skills
  • Restorative Justice

Other work may include:

  • Training and developing process observers for the congregation
  • Appreciative Inquiry training
  • Guiding the congregation through the process of re-visiting our Covenant of Right Relations, and developing a Congregational Covenant
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for a healthy congregation, including respectful relations, grievances, disruptive behavior, conflict resolution
  • Create a Congregational Code of Conduct
  • Recognition that some situations may require referral to outside resources

What the HCM does:

  • Promote the well-being and emotional safety of our community.
  • Serve as a conduit and resource to help all of us understand how to create right relations.
  • Provide assistance with early intervention and facilitating escalated conflict.
  • Develop and employ processes for managing conflicts that might threaten or have an adverse effect on the congregation’s ministry, addressing unhealthy conduct, and disruptive behavior.
  • Create a process for handling grievances.
  • Work with other leaders and committees to ensure a safe congregation
  • Develop a process for reconciliation between individuals or groups of individuals and the congregation as a whole.

What the HCM does NOT do:

  • Act as the congregational police.
  • Fix every conflict or problem among members.
  • Accept anonymous grievances.
  • Change church policies or procedures.

How do I contact the HCM?
You may contact any member of the HCT in person, by email or by telephone. Contact information can be found in our member directory through Breeze, our membership database. You can also contact the Team by email at hct@bbuuc.org.

Who makes up the Healthy Congregation Ministry?

  • Made of four to six members with overlapping appointment/terms
  • Comprised of members who are respected within the congregation, spiritually
  • Mature, culturally competent, and non-anxious
  • Experienced as Unitarian Universalists
  • Skilled in dispute management or willing to receive training
  • Known for an ability to listen and maintain confidentiality

Current HCM Members: (click here for their pictures and bio)

  • Linda Mowers, Chair
  • Helen Meatte
  • Ellen Miceli
  • David Rulison

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