Beginning in September 2018, Pastoral Care services became available for Members of BBUUC.

The team is available for individual consultation and group activities.

Who Are the Pastoral Care Team Members?

PCT Members are specially trained members of our church who serve as pastoral care givers in our congregation, in order to enhance our level of ministry. These volunteers serve in the spirit of the first UU principle, “to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person“, and they work to extend this ministry of hope and support. The work of the Pastoral Care Team is always kept in the strictest of confidence.

What Do Pastoral Care Team Members Do?

PCT Members work with the Minister and Chaplain to offer personal spiritual support (as opposed to the Caring Committee, which provides logistical, practical support to the church community) in the following ways-

  • Visit the ill at home or in the hospital.
  • Support those going through a life crisis or transition.
  • Maintain contact with those unable to attend church due to illness or disability.
  • Support friends or family involved in care-giving.
  • Comfort the bereaved.
  • Sponsor workshops on relevant topics, such as Grief or Crisis.
  • Assist with Vigils and Sacred Space for occurrences that affect the Congregation
  • Convey information regarding community resources.

The Role of a Pastoral Care Team Member

  • The role of a PCT Member is to be a listening and supportive presence to individuals of all faith traditions as well as those with no faith tradition.
  • A PCT Member strives to assist individuals of all faith traditions to clarify and apply their own belief system/faith tradition to everyday life.
  • A PCT Member may also act as a referral source and advocate. 

How Do I Contact a PCT Member?

You can request the services of the Pastoral Care program by contacting the Chaplain, PCT Member or church Office.  The Chaplains will make assignments for PCT contacts.  At all times, PCT Members maintain clergy standards of confidentiality. There is no fee for these services.

Brief contacts are provided on Sundays after the service. Longer contact needs can be requested by emailing, calling or submitting a request form to the Office or PCT Member, or leaving a message at 904.638.5472.

Learn more about our PCT:

Look for the PCT members at BBUUC: they will be the folks with the pink name tags and their hearts right there to see.

In faith and gratitude,
Donna Zimmerman