BBUUC exists to create and nourish a loving community
that seeks justice and respect for all.

This means…

We provide a place where individuals can meet and find accepting and understanding friends.

We look to each other for intellectual stimulation and emotional support through all the stages and difficulties of life.

We help our children to develop their own religious beliefs by encouraging their wonderings and respecting the thoughts of others. An emphasis is placed on our children’s program equal to our adult program, recognizing that the children are imperative to our continued growth and future.

We preserve and extend the traditions of personal freedom and human dignity, promoting one universal humanity, undivided by nation, race or creed.

We believe that ethical living is the supreme witness of religion, and share in the effort to put our best values into practice in our daily affairs.

We put our Seven Principles into practice by initiating and participating in community and denominational efforts towards social justice.