Christmas Pageant

BBUUC Family Worship Service and
Religious Education Christmas Pageant
Jenn Jones, Director of Lifespan Religious Education
Beth Curtis, Worship Leader
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist
Jennifer Bacmeister and Sydney Crisp, Special Music

Join us as our children and youth lead ALL AGES in a celebration of the season with their annual Christmas Pageant.

About our member musicians:

Sydney Crisp is a third generation Unitarian Universalist and has attended BBUUC for eighteen years. She recently earned her Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics and chemistry at the University of North Florida, and she has a career in clinical research. Sydney has been playing the piano for fifteen years and has been an accompanist at BBUUC for seven years. Lately she and Jennifer Bacmeister have been enjoying playing duets with piano and bass flute. 

Jennifer Bacmeister has been a member of BBUUC since 2001. She has served many roles over the years and has been a consistent part of the Worship Team for much of that time, as a speaker and a worship leader. Of her many interests and talents, Jennifer has always loved playing the flute. She played with the Army Band when she was in the military, and she currently plays with the First Coast Flute Choir.