BBUUC Annual Family Ingathering and Water Sharing Sunday

BBUUC Annual Family Ingathering and Water Sharing Sunday
Presented by the Worship Team and
Lifespan Religious Education
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist

We have a tradition each year at BBUUC to hold an Ingathering and Water Sharing Sunday after Labor Day. It’s a celebration of our whole community coming back together after summer. In this multi-generational service, all are invited to bring a SMALL container with a sampling of water symbolizing the places and ways your spiritual well springs forth. The water can be from a special place, including your home, a place connected to a special friend or family member, from a favorite ocean, river, lake, pond, rain barrel or garden hose. Members sometimes bring water from travels near and far. Don’t worry, if you don’t have the actual water from that place, there will be cups with water that you can use to represent that place or spirit in your heart. During the Water Sharing ritual, each person pours their water into a community bowl. As we mingle our waters, we celebrate the mingling of our lives and gratitude for being together in community and bless the waters with our love.

Join us after the service for an Ice Cream Social!

After the service, we will have an Ice Cream Social during the fellowship hour to celebrate the day! If you are willing to be a hospitality volunteer during the Social and help scoop ice cream into bowls or cones, please contact Lee Plumb, Hospitality Chair, at