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Oct 3, This Week at BBUUC

Friday, October 3

7pm Yom Kippur Observance

Saturday, October 4

4:00pm River City Pride Parade, Five Points/Riverside

Sunday, October 5

9:15am Water, Earth and Us – Middle School Room
11:00am River City Pride Festival- Riverside Arts Market
11:45am Social Action Committee Meeting – Elementary Room
12:00pm Reiki- Middle School Room

Tuesday, … read more.

Sept 21, This Week at BBUUC

Sunday, September 21

9:15am Water, Earth and Us – Elementary Room
11:00am Pagan Pride Day Festival at the Garden Club of Jacksonville
12:00pm Spirit Play Basket Training – Spirit Play Room
12:00pm Facilities Meeting
12:00pm Welcoming Congregation Ministry Meeting – Middle School Room

Tuesday, September 23

7:00pm Board … read more.

Sept 14, This Week at BBUUC

Saturday, September 13

9:00am Leadership Mini-Retreat at BBUUC

Sunday, September 14

9:15am Water, Earth and Us – Elementary Room
12:00pm Caring Committee Meeting – Elementary Room
12:00pm Membership Committee Meeting – High School Room
12:00pm Social Action Committee Meeting – Middle School Room
12:00pm Sunday Sundaes – Sanctuary

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Sept 7: This Week at BBUUC

Sunday, September 7

9:45am Coffee Conversations – High School Room
12:00pm Introduction to Religious Education – Sanctuary

Monday, September 8

7:00pm Worship Team Meeting

Tuesday, September 9

7:00pm Council Meeting – Sanctuary

Wednesday, September 10

11:30am Lunch Bunch at Pengree’s
2:00pm Tea in the Afternoon at the Repass Home
7:00pm BEACON – … read more.

Aug 31: This Week at BBUUC

August 31 Speaker: Mark Yount
“The New Existential Post-Postmodern Self-Deconstructing Authenticity Blues”

In an age of conformity, the great 20th century existentialists undermined traditional authorities by appealing to the individual: free to break from the crowd to decide his own values and become his authentic self. That … read more.

Aug 24: This Week at BBUUC

Rev. Katy Korb presents “Believe It! (or Not)”

How can we talk about our religion to people who know nothing about it?

Led By: Ron Rothberg,  Accompanied By: Eileen Morrison


Introduction to Rev. Katy Korb

A Unitarian Universalist Minister, The Rev. Kathleen Damewood Korb was born and reared in … read more.

Aug 17: This Week at BBUUC

Gary and Marilyn Smart, with the BBUUC Choir of the Moment, present: “Singing the Journey and the Living Tradition”

Gary and Marilyn Smart will lead us in a service that lifts up the music and the words from a most beloved UU resource–our hymnals. “Singing the … read more.

Aug 10: This Week at BBUUC

August 10: Rev. Jack Ford
“But When Do You Oil Your Cutting Board?”

What are the things you neglect?  What do you find you just do not have time to accomplish?  Tune up your car?  Eat together as a family?  Study for those exams?  Care for your … read more.

Aug 3: This Week at BBUUC

August 3rd: Linda Crawford presents “Being a UU in the Bible Belt: What do we do with our Anger?”

BBUUC is an island of liberal religious and social values in a sea of fundamentalism. The result, for some of us, (including your speaker today), has been … read more.

Jul 20: This Week at BBUUC

July 27: Phillip Baber presents “Unitarian Universalism: The Narrowest Path”

Wisdom from the world’s religions agree: The path of “right living” is a narrow one—hard to find, and even harder to traverse. This morning we will explore the possibility that UUism just might be the narrowest … read more.