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Jul 13: This Week at BBUUC

July 13: Rev. Jack Ford will present “Leftovers”

“Left is the new Right”: that’s my slogan. Being left-handed, I have often been called a ‘south-paw’. And since I am liberal, that makes me a left-winged south-paw. Jack Fincher calls Left-Handers ‘one of the last minorities with … read more.

Jul 6: This Week at BBUUC

July 6: Earl Coggins will present “The Atheist Next To You”

A recent Pew study identified Atheists as the least trusted and most disliked minority group in America. Yet Atheists make up a healthy percentage of BBUUC membership. Problem?

Led by Linda Mowers and Jillian Christiansen • … read more.

Jun 29: This Week at BBUUC

June 29: Rev. Elizabeth Teal will present “Daily Habits”: Part two of a three part series

We are the story telling animals, but we are also creatures of habit. If we are going to write ourselves better stories, we need better habits!

Led by David Dean ▪ … read more.

June 22: This Week at BBUUC

June 22: Dr. Mark Yount will present “In Indian Footsteps”

The fate of Native American peoples is America’s other shame. You and I come too late to bear that guilt, but perhaps we can gain perspective: on our history, our selves, our world. Our UU spirituality … read more.

Jun 15: This Week at BBUUC

June 15: Marta Varee Pearson will present “Father’s Day & Other Celebrations – The Sweet & The Bitter”

Every coin has two sides, a 24 hour period has night and day and food has both bitter and sweet flavors. Today we will explore the little know … read more.

Jun 8: This Week at BBUUC

June 8: Rev Jack Ford will present “I Know You Are But What Am I?: Part 6-Direct Experience”

Theodore Parker, one of the greatest Unitarian ministers in American history, resolved “to preach nothing as religion that I have not experienced inwardly and made my own.” If … read more.

June 1: This Week at BBUUC

This week at BBUUC….
June 1: Rev. Pat Ray presents “Let it Be”

The term “prayer” comes from Latin meaning “to request”, and is also the root for the word “precarious.” So, in a sense, prayer means to ask for help in precarious times. Most Sundays we … read more.

May 25: This Week at BBUUC

May 25: Rabbi Joshua B. Lief will present “Reform Judaism: Principles That We Can Use In Our Daily Lives”

Rabbi Lief will present lessons on everyday living from the progressive Jewish tradition.

Led by: Joann Carollo

About Our Speaker: Rabbi Joshua B. Lief is Senior Rabbi at Congregation … read more.

May 18: This Week at BBUUC

This week at BBUUC….
May 18: Rev Daniel Adams will present : “The Life and Thought of Hui Neng, the Sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism”

Hui Neng (638-713), according to tradition, led a colorful life which became even more intriguing following his death. The founder of the … read more.

May 11: This Week at BBUUC

This week at BBUUC….
May 11: Rev. Jack Ford will present “I Know You Are But What Am I? Part 5: Earth-Centered Traditions”

Unitarian Universalists draw spiritual inspiration from many sources. One of them is “earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life.” We know that … read more.