Jun 15: This Week at BBUUC

June 15: Marta Varee Pearson will present “Father’s Day & Other Celebrations – The Sweet & The Bitter”

Every coin has two sides, a 24 hour period has night and day and food has both bitter and sweet flavors. Today we will explore the little know bitter side of this day of celebration and why there are some who normally would choose to not be present. If Father’s Day or Mother’s Day is a day when you usually feel you have to avoid the celebration come and find comfort. You are not alone.

About our speaker:

Marta Varee Pearson has made several appearances in our pulpit. She is a Unitarian Universalist who brings 30+ years as speaker, trainer and coach. She’s trained & coached psychologists & social workers; business executives & staff; teachers, school staff & administrators as well as Individuals, couples, foster & other parents. Marta made multiple expert appearances on Geraldo, Donahue & Sally Jessy Raphael television programs. For more than ten years she has presented sermons to UU Congregations in Maine, Washington State and now Florida.

Led by: Sarah Ritzmann ● Accompanied by: Eileen Morrison

What’s happening at Church this week?

Sunday, June 15th

• 9:45am Coffee Conversations – High School Room, Coffee and Child Care provided
• 12pm Lifespan Religious Education Committee Meeting – Elementary Room
• 12pm Facilities Committee Meeting – Middle School Room

Monday, June 16th

• 6:30pm First Coast Freethought Society meeting, hosted by BBUUC

Tuesday, June 17th

• 7:00pm Worship Committee Meeting – High School Room
• 7:00pm Welcoming Congregation Ministry Meeting – Middle School Room
• 7:00pm Finance Committee Meeting – Elementary Room

Wednesday, June 18th

• 7:00pm BEACON – High School Room
• 7:00pm “Popcorn Theology” – Sanctuary, Please this month’s Journey for more information

Saturday, June 21st

• 7pm Erik Slader’s TedX Program – Sanctuary, Please see this month’s Journey for more information

Sunday, June 22nd:  Ministerial Support Fund Collection Day

• 9:00am BBUUCF – Middle School Room, BBUU Christian Fellowship, all are invited to attend
• 9:45am Coffee Conversations – High School Room
• 12pm Membership Committee Meeting – Elementary Room

We are looking forward to seeing you this week!