Jul 13: This Week at BBUUC

July 13: Rev. Jack Ford will present “Leftovers”

“Left is the new Right”: that’s my slogan. Being left-handed, I have often been called a ‘south-paw’. And since I am liberal, that makes me a left-winged south-paw. Jack Fincher calls Left-Handers ‘one of the last minorities with no organization, no power, and no sense of common identity’. Neither his book nor my sermon offers to change any of that. But they both take a light-hearted look at ‘leaning left’.
As Unitarian Universalists, we are all Left-Leaning people, right? At least when it comes to religion, and to many social issues. Call me hopelessly right-brained, but I think Leaning Left is the right thing to do. (Or am I way out in left field on this?)

Led by Joann Carollo • Accompanied by Gary Smart

What’s happening at Church this week?

Sunday, July 13th

• 9:45am Coffee Conversations – High School Room, Coffee and Child Care are provided
• 10:30am BEACON Car Wash Fundraiser
• 12:00pm Caring Committee Meeting – Elementary Room
• 12:00pm Newcomer Class – Middle School Room

Monday, July 14th

• 7:00pm Worship Team Meeting

Tuesday, July 15th

• 7:00pm Finance Committee Meeting – High School Room
• 7:00pm Worship Committee Meeting – Elementary Room

Wednesday, July 16th

• 7:00pm BEACON – High School Room
• 7:00pm “Popcorn Theology” – Sanctuary, Come watch “Star Trek” (2009) with us and discuss FINDING YOUR CALLING. For more information about “Popcorn Theology”, please see July’s Journey Newsletter.
• 7:00pm Leader’s Survival Guide – Sanctuary, please contact Scott Cromar at pr_communications@bbuuc.org for more information and for the materials for the class.

Thursday, July 17th

• 7:00pm Religious Texts and Society – Elementary Room, please see July’s Journey for more information about this meeting

Saturday, July 19th

•7:00pm Meeting with Rev. Jack Ford to discuss Professional Ministry – Sanctuary

Sunday, July 20th

• 9:45am Coffee Conversations – High School Room, Coffee and Child Care are provided
• 12:00pm Newcomer Class – Middle School Room
• 12:00pm Welcoming Congregation Ministry Meeting – High School Room

We are looking forward to seeing you this week!