Aug 10: This Week at BBUUC

August 10: Rev. Jack Ford

“But When Do You Oil Your Cutting Board?”

What are the things you neglect?  What do you find you just do not have time to accomplish?  Tune up your car?  Eat together as a family?  Study for those exams?  Care for your health; your relationships? How do we prioritize in a world gone mad with busy-ness?  Who is pulling the reins?  Let’s talk about ways to “live a life that is full but not overwhelmed” (if you can spare the time!)

Led By: Kris Kines
Accompanied By: Gary Smart


Sunday, August 10

9:30am LGBTQ Chaplain Meeting
9:45am Coffee Conversations
12:00pm Caring Committee Meeting
12:00pm Membership Committee Meeting
12:00pm Social Action Committee Meeting

Monday, August 11

7:00pm Worship Team Meeting

Tuesday, August 12

7:00pm Council Meeting

Wednesday, August 13

11:30am Lunch Bunch at Pengree’s Restaurant
7:00pm BEACON
7:00pm CUUPS
7:00pm Popcorn Theology

Sunday, August 17

9:45am Coffee Conversations
12:00pm Brunch at Cafe Freda
12:00pm Welcoming Congregation Ministry Meeting