Aug 31: This Week at BBUUC

August 31 Speaker: Mark Yount

“The New Existential Post-Postmodern Self-Deconstructing Authenticity Blues”

In an age of conformity, the great 20th century existentialists undermined traditional authorities by appealing to the individual: free to break from the crowd to decide his own values and become his authentic self. That call has resonated with alienated and reflective spirits of all ages. But those ideals of freedom, self and authenticity have since been undermined by postmodern thought, so how can I find a way forward that is “mine?” That’s why I sing the new existential… well, you saw the title. A philosophical toe-tapper.

Led By: Linda Crawford, Accompanied By: Gary Smart

Introduction to Mark Yount

Dr. Mark Yount is known around BBUUC as our “Philosopher in Residence.” He has delivered countless sermons since joining the congregation in 1997 and has served as a dedicated Youth Advisor, as well as committee chair and Board member.

Mark taught philosophy for 12 years at Trinity College (Hartford), St. Joseph’s (Philadelphia), and Jacksonville University. He has degrees in Philosophy from William and Mary (BA), Villanova (MA), and University of Colorado at Boulder.

In addition to his educational career, Mark has worked in the Substance Abuse field for Gateway Community Services, currently serves as Executive Director at Empowerment First, a nonprofit which provides services to address homelessness and trauma in Jacksonville.



This Week’s Events

Saturday, August 30

9:00am Spirit Play Teacher Training

Sunday, August 31

9:45am Coffee Conversations – High School Room
12:00pm Restful Reiki – Middle School Room

Tuesday, September 2

7:00pm PR Committee Meeting – Middle School Room
7:00pm Finance Orientation – Elementary Room
7:00pm LRE Committee Meeting – High School Room

Wednesday, September 3

10:00am Comfort Crafts Affinity Group – Mandarin Panera, please RSVP to Lisa Cromar at
7:00pm BEACON
7:00pm Faith Like a River (Adult LRE Class) – Middle School Room

Saturday, September 6

10:30am Welcoming Congregation Ministry Task Force Meeting

Sunday, September 7

9:45am Coffee Conversations – High School Room
10:30am Water Sharing Service