Aug 3: This Week at BBUUC

August 3rd: Linda Crawford presents “Being a UU in the Bible Belt: What do we do with our Anger?”

BBUUC is an island of liberal religious and social values in a sea of fundamentalism. The result, for some of us, (including your speaker today), has been frustration and anger. How is that working for us?

Led By: Jennifer Stokes, Accompanied By: Marilyn Smart

About Our Speaker:

Linda and her husband Dale have been members of BBUUC for about six years. This is the first church home Linda has ever had, and she is very grateful to it, and to all of her church friends. She has participated on the worship committee ever since she joined the church, and has also served as lay leader, and on the aesthetics committee. Linda’s academic background is in art history, and she loves sharing this passion with others. She is also an avid baker and afternoon tea indulger.

One of Linda’s greatest joys is researching, composing and delivering sermons. Most of her sermons reflect a problem she is grappling with, and this sermon is no exception.


What’s happening at Church this week?

Sunday, August 3rd

• 9:45am Coffee Conversations – High School Room, Coffee and Child Care are provided

Tuesday, August 5th

• 7:00pm PR/Communications Meeting – High School Room
• 7:00pm LRE Meeting – Panera Bread on San Jose


Wednesday, August 6th

• 7:00pm BEACON – High School Room
• 7:00pm “Popcorn Theology” – Middle School Room, Come watch “Jurassic Park” with us and join the discussion about the themes of the movie afterwards. For more information about “Popcorn Theology”, please see our newsletter, The Journey

Thursday, August 7th

• 10:00am Comfort Crafts Affinity Group – Panera in Mandarin – please RSVP, otherwise the meeting may be cancelled.

Sunday, August 10th

• 9:30am LGBTQ Chaplain Meeting, Middle School Room
• 9:30am Pancake Breakfast, sponsored by LRE Committee to raise money for the Teen Enrichment Travel Fund
• 9:45am Coffee Conversations – High School Room, Coffee and Child Care are provided
• 12:00pm Membership Committee Meeting – High School Room
• 12:00pm Caring Committee Meeting – Elementary Room
• 12:00pm Social Action Committee Meeting – Middle School Room

We are looking forward to seeing you this week!