Author: DavidChristenson

Animal Chaplain April 2024

April 24 is World Day for Laboratory Animals, highlighting the plight of the 115 million animals who suffer and die in laboratories worldwide each year.  While there is more to do, 2024’s commemoration involves an important new development.  The National Institutes of Health, a major … read more.

Minister’s Message January 2022

The theme for our worship and religious education this month is intention. In the article “The Heart’s Intention,” Phillip Moffitt differentiates between goals and intentions. Goals are focused on a future outcome. We think of an outcome we would like to see, and we … read more.

Nehemiah Action Assembly Report

At least 88 BBUUC members and friends were among the 1,000+ people who attended the ICARE Nehemiah Action Assembly on Monday, April 19, on Zoom and on YouTube! The number is indefinite because there were 158 people who registered without clearly indicating their congregation. Nonetheless, … read more.

Capital Campaign

Official announcement: Capital-Campaign.pdf

Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church has committed to early payoff of all our Promissory Notes, which constitute our building’s mortgage, no later than November 1, 2021. Early pay off will free up substantial cash flow each year for use in our … read more.