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What Does it Mean to be a Family Living with Intention?

Several months ago, the journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell interviewed professor and author Ibram X. Kendi on the occasion of the release of Kendi’s new podcast, Be Antiracist. In the interview, Gladwell asked Kendi what his intention was with the podcast project. Kendi’s response?

To change people’s minds.

This struck me as so humbly brilliant, and such a faithful response. Kendi, and Gladwell, believe that people can change, and to the degree that that is possible, they poise themselves to use their skills, talents, and efforts to the greatest effect, guiding and supporting that change in others in a positive and life-affirming direction.

If the way your family lived your lives could change people’s minds, what messages would you hope to send? Is your family culture aligned with your values? What would it mean to you to hear from a friend or neighbor that your family’s intentionality inspired them toward more integrity?

This framing feels so different from setting goals or making resolutions, the more common forward-looking practices this time of year. So this month, we’re going to help one another get clear on our big ideas, play and practice with the action and purpose part of intention, and then follow through together with support.

Where do you intend to start this month? Enter playfully, with an improv game from our At Play section? Tap into the power of story At the Bedside with a (wonderful!) tale of two people and a GIANT ruby? Ease in slowly, with a short, guided meditation in our From the Mailbox section? Wherever you begin, your Soul Matters Sharing Circle is surrounding you with our best intentions, too, that you discover and create what you need for your month to be infused with faith-filled fun and insight!

Much love,

Teresa, on behalf of the Soul Matters team