Soulful Parenting Group Raising a Child: Living with Intention

January 4th- 7:30-8:30 pm (Zoom)

Soulful Parenting Group

Raising a Child: Living with Intention



Our Parenting Group supports sharing realizations, challenges and hopes around the monthly Soulful Home theme with other supportive adults. This month’s questions revolve around Living with Intention. Pick a few questions that speak to you and come share your reflections in good company.


Bring these questions with you to our gathering. Don’t treat the questions as a list to go through one by one. Instead pick the one or two that speak to you the most. Treat the questions less as a quiz and more like doorways inviting you into the world of storytelling and memory.


  1. What are you most likely to assume about someone’s intentions, that they are benevolent, malevolent, or something in between? How does that worldview serve you?
  2. Is “fake it until you make it” a strategy you use in difficult or uncomfortable situations? Why or why not?
  3. At what point in your life were you not free to set your own intentions, more likely to follow the life plan that others set for you? What feelings come up when you revisit that moment?
  4. When you were younger, who modeled authentic living for you, living as if their intentions and actions were in resonance?
  5. Would you rather proceed through the day with an idea of where you want to be, or be completely free to encounter whatever might come up? How do you strike that balance for yourself?
  6. Which of your intentions (or goals, or plans, or even dreams) no longer sparks for you, no longer ignites feelings of passion and drive? What would it take for you to release that former intention and open up some space for what might come next?
  7. Keeping number 3, above, in mind, what intentions do you have for your child? And what intentions do they have for themselves?