Speaker: Rev. Diane Davis

Keeping Bananas Handy!

Rev. Diane Davis
“Keeping Bananas Handy!”

Worship Leader: Lee Plumb
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Goliath Flores

Discovering how to not let “monkey mind” take over your peace of mind.

About our Speaker:

Rev. Diane R. Davis has been a medium, intuitive counselor and teacher for over … read more.

Viewing Your Life in a More Joyful Way

An inspiring talk about everything from day to day purposes to life exploration and well…..more. More hope. More creativity of thinking. More Joy.          

About our Speaker:
Reverend Diane R. Davis has 40 years experience as a medium/intuitive counselor, teacher, minister and speaker.  … read more.

How Would I Know If I Didn’t Show Up?

Rev. Diane Davis is known for her inspirational public speaking and is one of BBUUC’s favorite speakers. It’s been far too long since she has been in our pulpit. Come and find out where her intuition leads her and, along the way, find inspiration for yourself.