How Would I Know If I Didn’t Show Up?

September 18, 2016:Rev Diane Davis picture

Rev. Diane Davis is known for her inspirational public speaking and is one of BBUUC’s favorite speakers. It’s been far too long since she has been in our pulpit. Come and find out where her intuition leads her and, along the way, find inspiration for yourself.

Rev. Diane Davis:

Diane has been a medium, teacher, and minister for almost 40 years. She resides at and is a member of Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, which is a 121-year-old community of spiritually-minded people located near DeLand, Florida. She has trained in different metaphysical philosophies and teachings. Inspirational public speaking has been her joy in motivating and nurturing the spirit of people, as she also does in her readings and teachings. Today Diane facilitates a wide range of inspiration and instruction from personal self-development to the unfolding and development of psychic/intuitive talents.


Worship Leader:  Grace Repass | Accompanist:  Gary Smart