Spiritual Involvement or Emotional Entanglement?

Your world is a constantly shifting and changing thing.  Most of that has to do with a confusion between what was and what was workable to what is and what is presently workable.  The difficulty is many of the things that you were taught as children, many of the things that you lived with, the realities that you had as your perceptions of the world, have shifted.

How do you get through these changing times?  How do you find more joy?  How do you trust your own ideas, opinions and intuition?

About Reverend Diane R. Davis:

Reverend Diane R. Davis has 40 years experience as a medium/intuitive counselor, teacher, minister and speaker.  Her inspirational lectures are often filled with humor, insights and hope for life and living it.

Worship Leader: Jay Gardner

Accompanist: Gary Smart