Keeping Bananas Handy!

Rev. Diane Davis
“Keeping Bananas Handy!”

Worship Leader: Lee Plumb
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Goliath Flores

Discovering how to not let “monkey mind” take over your peace of mind.

About our Speaker:

Rev. Diane R. Davis has been a medium, intuitive counselor and teacher for over four decades.  Her workshops and readings are filled with humor and insights blending with knowledge of mind & thought. Diane is a member and resident of the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, FL.



About our Guest Musician:

Goliath Flores is a consummate musician, vocalist, composer, and multi-media artist. Well known for his classical guitar playing, he is also proficient on drums, piano, percussion, clarinet, and accordion as well as ethnic instruments such as duduk, oud, riq drum, daf drum, and nay flutes. His styles are diverse, and include Classical, Flamenco, Latin, Eclectic, and most recently Mariachi. In addition to teaching guitar from beginning to advanced levels, Goliath is a cross-genre recording artist and recognized public and private performer in the Jacksonville area. You can learn more about Goliath at