Speaker: Rev. Carmen Emerson

Transitions, Companions & Expectations

Rev. Carmen Emerson presents
“Transitions, Companions & Expectations”
Elizabeth DeCoux, Worship Leader
Gary Smart, Accompanist
Mike Bernos, Special Music

Our affiliated community minister, Rev. Carmen Emerson, offers a reflection on what it means to navigate the “wilderness” of transition and what is fair … read more.

The Heart of the Heart of UU

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Rev. Carmen Emerson
BBUUC’s Affiliated Community Minister, presents
“The Heart of the Heart of UU”
With Elizabeth DeCoux, Worship Leader
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist
Dr. Gary Smart, Piano, Special Music

About our service:

Rev. Carmen … read more.

What Was, What Is, What If

Rev. Carmen Emerson

BBUUC’s Affiliated Community Minister


“What Was, What Is, What If”

With David Dean as Worship Leader

In connection to November’s Soul Matters theme of “History,” our Affiliated Community Minister, Rev. Carmen Emerson, offers a worship service reflecting on the learnings and yearnings of … read more.

Life Before Death

Rev. Carmen Emerson presents

“Life Before Death” 

With Claudia Marshall as Worship Leader

As a UU chaplain serving a community hospital near the Florida-Georgia line, Rev. Carmen Emerson reflects on what a pandemic can teach us about life before death and how preparing for one’s … read more.

Keeping Infinite Faith with Hope

The Rev. Carmen Emerson

BBUUC Affiliated Community Minister, will present

“Keeping Infinite Faith with Hope”

With Elizabeth DeCoux as Worship Leader

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once wrote that as human beings, as people of faith, we can “…accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope…” This … read more.

Video Service: On Being Spiritually Mature

Claudia Marshall will lead our service with a message by our Affiliated Community Minister Rev. Carmen Emerson entitled “On Being Spiritually Mature”

Does our religious tradition value spiritual maturity in the same ways that we value intellectual achievement, and if not, what might happen if we … read more.

Video Service: We Remember, We Imagine

Donna Zimmerman will lead our worship with a message by Rev. Carmen Emerson entitled “We Remember, We Imagine.”

Worship Services

 During this time of social distancing when in-person worship has been suspended, BBUUC will continue our weekly worship in video format that you can find on YouTube … read more.