Spirit in Practice: Soul Practices

Rev. Carmen Emerson, 
BBUUC’s Affiliated Community Minister
“Spirit in Practice: Soul Practices”
Caitlin Regan, Worship Leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
First Coast Flute Choir, Special Music

Our sermon series on spiritual practices that support our spirituality, ethics, faith, and UU identity continues with a consideration of “Soul Practices”—practices that allow us to take something from deep inside of us and create something in which we see ourselves. For this service, for our shared reflection time, bring something you’ve created (or a photograph of something you’ve created or used to create things). Note: This “Spirit in Practice” Sunday was moved to the third Sunday of January to support our Martin Luther King service on January 14, 2024.

About Our Speaker:

Rev. Carmen Emerson is the Affiliated Community Minister in covenant with BBUUC. Her work as an ordained UU minister in full fellowship happens within the wider Jacksonville community as the Lead Chaplain for Baptist Medical Center Nassau. She is a BCCI/APC Board-Certified chaplain, and her experience as a parish minister includes ten years of full-time service to our UU congregations in Albuquerque, NM (contract); Meadville, PA (called); and Nashville, TN (called).

About our Guest Musicians:

First Coast Flute Choir members have been making sweet music together since 2014. All volunteers, with various backgrounds, players are linked by their love of the flute. In the past, the choir utilized all members of the flute family: piccolo, C flute, Alto flute in G, Bass flute, and even Contrabass flute. Their music represents many different styles, cultural heritages, and historical periods. 

FCFC regularly performs at the Florida Flute Convention in Orlando. Some recent and past performances also include: Friday Musicale of Jacksonville, Christmas at the Cathedral District, Riverside Arts Market, local libraries, St. John’s Cathedral of Jacksonville and at area churches, as part of their services and for special event concerts.