Second Sunday Spirit in Practice: Body Practices

Rev. Carmen Emerson,
BBUUC’s Affiliated Community Minister
“Second Sunday Spirit in Practice:
Body Practices”
Alyssa Halliday, Worship Leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Job Meiller, Guest Musician

This series considers ways that we can deepen our UU spirituality, identity, ethics, and faith through spiritual practice. In December we consider Body Practices in acknowledgment that our spiritual journeys are not separate from our embodied experiences. During the service we will explore body practices, including mindful eating of vegan chocolate, kindly provided by Elizabeth Decoux. Led by Rev. Carmen Emerson, BBUUC’s affiliated community minister.

About Our Speaker:

Rev. Carmen Emerson is the Affiliated Community Minister in covenant with BBUUC. Her work as an ordained UU minister in full fellowship happens within the wider Jacksonville community as the Lead Chaplain for Baptist Medical Center Nassau. She is a BCCI/APC Board-Certified chaplain, and her experience as a parish minister includes ten years of full-time service to our UU congregations in Albuquerque, NM (contract); Meadville, PA (called); and Nashville, TN (called).

About our Guest Musician:

Our Special Music today comes from BBUUC member Job Meiller. He claims he’s more of a singer than a guitar player, more of an interpreter of feelings than a performer. More of a medium than an entertainer. Eyes closed and emotions flowing. Southern roots, Southern drawl. Southern music y’all. Born in Atlanta, he calls Jacksonville home.