The Room We Invite People To…

Reverend Carmen Emerson
“The Room We Invite People To…”

Worship Leader: Kris Kines
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Jamie DeFrates

The title of this sermon is a direct quote that came from an inspiring conversation with your Board about BBUUC and the religious/spiritual/faithful community that we create, sustain, and evolve, together. In the absence of creed we engage in theological hospitality which includes, by necessity, generous minds, hearts, and spirits. We’ll consider ways we practice theological hospitality and generosity in the room we invite people to.

About our Speaker:
Rev. Carmen Emerson has recently moved to Jacksonville after serving the Greater Nashville UU Congregation for the past 4 years. She previously served as settled minister of the historic UU Church of Meadville, Pennsylvania and as interim associate of First UU Albuquerque. She will spend the next year engaged in community ministry as a chaplain at Community Hospice and at Baptist Health. She is the first Affiliated Community Minister for Buckman Bridge UU.

About our Guest Musician:
Jamie DeFrates is a composer, singer, songwriter and producer with a career spanning five decades. He has written music for many film documentaries, garnering two Emmy Awards and has scored music for theme park rides all over the world. His live performances delight and inspire his audience.


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