March 15 Message from our DLRE

Below is a link to a message from Chris Jarman, DLRE on holding our community close during these anxious times. As a bonus, Chris also includes a timely Wonder Box story for all.

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In-person worship is suspended

To all BBUUC Members and Friends,

The Board would like to make an official announcement that we are following the recommendations of the UUA and are suspending in-person worship on Sundays through the end of March. In an effort to protect the most vulnerable of our congregation we are relocating to virtual and phone based platforms. There will be on-line classes and worship opportunities to meet our spiritual needs.

As we move forward into this anxious time, how we do what we do will make all the difference in helping to control the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please take time to show one another compassion, including your leadership and staff. Try to take time to listen to one another with kindness and understanding. Take time to share how you feel, and hold one another with care (at a distance of six feet ????).

We are taking this step to help halt the spread of COVID-19. We too will miss the richness of face-to-face community building. Events will resume once we are past the critical period of this pandemic. Those already registered for specific events that are changed will be notified directly.

If you need support, please reach out for help. We will continue to adjust and amend our practices as we learn together what is the best path forward in these uncharted times. For more information please check our website and our Facebook Page.

Our Final Concern and We ask for Your Help

Please, we ask you to stay current with your pledge and contributions; we need to remain mindful that we are committed to continue to pay our staff and our bills. This is Stewardship Month and we ask for your pledges by the end of March to plan for this coming fiscal year. If you have not already submitted your pledge you may still do so via our website through this link:

In Faith and Love,

Kris Kines

BBUUC President