2020 Annual Pledge Drive

Each year, we ask every Member to reaffirm their commitment to Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church and to make a pledge of financial support to sustain our community.

We are asking for your full involvement with a goal of 100% participation of our membership.

We are already accomplishing great things!

  • Providing a welcoming space with open-minded and open-hearted people
  • Providing quality speakers and music for Sunday Services
  • Nurturing and challenging children and adults with numerous programs to engage in meaningful learning experiences and faith development
  • Engaging with and supporting the greater LGBTQ community, including hosting the Storybook Pride Prom and participating in Jacksonville PRIDE Day events
  • Hosting and supporting a vital BEACON Youth program for ages 12 to 20 with a goal of youth empowerment and community
  • Providing pastoral care services and a caring community of support, in addition to opportunities for social activities, friendships and connections
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for BBUUC to engage in social justice and outreach opportunities, including our commitment to ICARE inter-faith justice ministry, which support others and make our community stronger
  • Maintaining and improving our beautiful building and grounds, creating a warm and inviting church home and space for activities and events

It’s Time for a Deeper Commitment to Our Future!

These accomplishments are significant, yet as a congregation, we must continue to move forward.

The potential for BBUUC involves us all and extends beyond our church walls.

The possibilities are rooted in our Mission and realized in our actions, which reflect our Vision and our Principles. BBUUC exists to create and nourish a loving community that seeks justice and respect for all. BBUUC is a place where we are free to grow our mind and spirit. We are a community where ethics and compassion are more important than dogma. Our Unitarian

Universalist congregation thrives on diversity in belief and is united by our shared values.

We propose maintaining our current operating budget of $165,550 for the coming fiscal year.

HOWEVER, in order to create a strong foundation for our future and provide the necessary resources to meet the needs of our growing congregation, we have identified three major goals for the coming year that will require increased revenue beyond our current operating needs:

To meet these goals, we are asking our Members and Friends to increase their pledge.  Even a small additional dollar amount or percentage adds up to make a large difference when we each contribute. 

The Board is committed to meeting the need for professional ministry at BBUUC.  We can best attract a minister by showing we have the financial ability to sustain a UU minister’s salary beyond the first year.

This year we are conducting our annual pledge drive before drafting the proposed budget for next year.  We have learned from past experience that this is a less burdensome and more realistic process.  Once we know how much revenue we can anticipate, Finance and your church leadership will prepare next year’s budget for the congregation’s approval.

With your generous financial support, BBUUC will continue to thrive and expand as a faith community, putting our Unitarian Universalist principles into action now and for future generations. Pledge cards may be filled out and returned, or use our on-line pledge form.

Our goal is 100% return of pledge cards from every Member before March 31.