This Week at BBUUC…September 15

This week at BBUUC….


Lee will speak about “crossing over to the other side,” suggesting the process is like that of a child crossing at a busy intersection.

About our speaker: Lee Weaver is a retired United Methodist clergyman whose thoughts and beliefs have necessarily changed over the many years since his ordination. “Paul”, he says, “taught that we should put aside our childish ways and strive for a more mature understanding of the  salvation journey”.   He describes himself as an RCA , which he will explain on Sept. 22.

Reverend Weaver speaks at about 30 churches a year. He says it is a tightrope kind of presentation, not offending the traditional church attenders, while at the same time trying to reach the more theologically adventurous who are “reading between the lines”.

 Lee is also a playwright and an actor. He has just recently completed a play about homelessness entitled “The Box.” It is now in production for a November premier.  His most recently performed  work is The Secret – The Spanish Inquisition in OLd St. Augustine, a play about religious intolerance.You may also have seen him as Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha at The Limelight Theatre in St. Augustine, or in his original One Person Shows, Piercing the Darkness (The St. Augustine Story as told by three Lighthouse Keepers.  He plays all three!) andThree Men of the Bible (2000 performances).  He resides in St. Augustine with his wife, Nanette.

 Layleader: Sarah Ritzmann

Accompanist: Eileen Morrison

What’s happening at Church this week?


Saturday, September 14

·        2:30pm Celebratory Tea in Memory of the Life of Lori Pierce It will be a finger food Potluck and there will be word games and clay at every table


Sunday, September 15

·        9am LRE Meeting

  • 9:45am Coffee Conversations – Karen Christiansen will facilitate “Strategies for Resilience: Setting Meaningful Goals.”  Childcare and coffee will be provided!
  • 12pm Goods and Services Auction Planning Meeting
  • 12-1pm Reminder from Joani Maskell:  She, Annabelle Gallois-Bernos and babysitter Celeste Longueve will be hosting swimming at the Rudder Club this week and next.  If you have any questions, please email Joani at
  • 2pm Gary Smart in Concert


Tuesday, September 17

  • 7pm Worship Committee Meeting
  • 7pm Finance Committee Meeting


Wednesday, September 18

·        7pm BEACON

·        7pm Newcomer Class

·        7pm Understanding the Bible II


Thursday, September 19

·        7pm Faithful Choices, facilitated by Jack Ford and Ellen Miceli


Sunday, September 22

·        9am BBUUCF

·        9am Membership Committee Meeting

·        9:45am Coffee Conversations – Rev. Elizabeth Teal will facilitate “Conversation on Ethical Eating: a UUA Social Action Issue”. Childcare and coffee will be provided!

·        12-1pm Swimming at the Rudder Club with Joani Maskell, Annabelle Gallois-Bernos and babysitter Celeste Longueve. Last chance!

·        2pm Gary Smart in Concert


 We are looking forward to seeing you this week!