Dylan’s Truth

June 19:Dr. Mark Yount

Ours is an age in which opinions rule while “truth” is at best an elusive commodity: a suspect ideal to postmodern liberals, or (to the other side) the strict word of a stricter God.  But only by appealing to truth can we call out what is nonsense.  So, bypassing philosophers, I find in Bob Dylan’s 45-year body of art an elemental truth.  Dylan’s is a truth steeped in tradition yet devoted to creativity, defiantly challenging everything “phony,” to the very UU refrain: “for every hung up person in the whole wide universe.”

Dr. Mark Yount:

Dr. Mark Yount joined BBUUC in 1997 and has served as Youth Advisor, committee chair and Board member. Mark taught philosophy at Trinity College (Hartford), St. Joseph’s (Philadelphia), and Jacksonville University. He has degrees in Philosophy from William and mary (BA), Villanova (MA), and University of Colorado at Boulder. Mark works with Metal Health America of NE FL helping homeless/at-risk people apply for disability benefits.

Worship Leader: Kris Kines
Accompanied By: Sydney Crisp