Books Nurture Souls and Build Sanctuaries

December 4, 2016Karen Christiansen picture

A sermon containing thoughts about a way to reach out as well as nurturing our own soul and building our own sanctuary. In addition, our Giving Tree opportunity for the Christmas Season this year will be introduced.

About our Speaker:

Educator for 31 years in Ohio, attended Meadville Lombard, our UU seminary in Chicago, from 2008-2010, and completed Clinical Pastoral Education training at the University of Chicago Hospitals where she became a chaplain. Now retired, Karen is active in the Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation, and Empowerment here in Jacksonville and enjoys learning and growing in small groups at BBUUC. She is an avid reader and book club participant. Her family and neighbors bring her great joy.

Worship Leader:  Ken Christiansen  |  Accompanist:  Gary Smart