BBUUC’s Annual Festivus Celebration & New Year’s Eve Sunday (All Ages)

BBUUC’s Annual Festivus Celebration
& New Year’s Eve Sunday (All Ages)
With Jennifer Bacmeister as Worship Leader and Presenter
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Lynn Wadley, Special Music, Saw

About our service:

Join BBUUC in our Annual Festivus Celebration! We will enjoy a participatory Recitation of Festivus Miracles, air our grievances, and perform the traditional Feats of Strength! BBUUC is proud to have our own Festivus pole, which will be presented and admired. We will also recognize the incoming New Year during this unique service.

For those unfamiliar with Festivus, the celebration was spawned from an episode of Seinfeld, inspired by what some may consider shenanigans in one of the writer’s childhood homes. The concept of a holiday, “a Festivus for the rest of us,” was meant to be a jovial and very tongue-in-cheek response to the overt consumerism of Christmas. Festivus is now observed worldwide and is not necessarily just a Christmas-time holiday. BBUUC celebrates Festivus as a participatory service full of fun and happiness. Festivus, for us, serves as a reminder of what the holidays are really about and reminds us to look past the trappings and find the joy.

About our presenter:

Jennifer Bacmeister has been a member of BBUUC since 2001. She has served in many roles, including Worship Committee Chair, Building Task Force, Religious Education teacher, and Board Vice President. Jennifer is an accomplished Toastmaster, one of those rare birds that actually enjoy public speaking! After years of being a Worship Leader, she added writing sermons to her skill set. She has spoken at UU churches in Huntsville, Alabama, and right down the road in Palatka, as well as to our congregation. When not crafting services as a worship leader or writing sermons, Jennifer enjoys tending her backyard chickens, spoiling her grandchildren, and sewing (not always in that order!).

Special Music by BBUUC Member Lynn Wadley

Long-time BBUUC member Lynn Wadley loves to sing, play unusual folk instruments, and occasionally compose acoustic music. She takes special pleasure in scheduling the variety of guest and member musicians we enjoy as part of our Sunday services.