Agnotology: The Study of Ignorance

October 23, 2016:Rev Elizabeth Teal picture

We need to be smart about what ‘dumbs us down.’ In other words, being ignorant is not so much an art, as it is a science….and in this day and age, what we don’t know really is killing us. From the disaster of Flint’s water crisis to the current climate debates – why common sense is far from common, and why common sense is not very accurate anyway!

Rev. Elizabeth Teal:

Reverend Teal specializes in eco-theology, the human-animal bond and all their healing aspects. She is the Spiritual Director for The Ministry of Animals and the Educational Director for Giving Paws, specializing in animal assisted therapies and chaplaincies. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in Behavioral Science from Mercy College in New York, with additional concentration and studies in animal-assisted therapies. She holds a certificate in Interfaith, Inter-spiritual Counseling. Her ordination is from and held by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. Rev. Teal has taken the vows and is a member of The Community of the Mystic Heart. She is a mystic, a minister, a chaplain, an artist and a storyteller as well as being a third generation Unitarian Universalist.

Worship Leader:  Viqui Hilliard | Accompanist:  Gary Smart