Pizza with the Simpsons, D’oh God! December 11th

Pizza with the Simpsons, D’oh God! December 11th, 6:30-8:00 pm 


Friday night is traditionally pizza night for a lot of folks. So, grab a slice or whatever else is on the menu and join us for RE with a twist as we study the religious teachings of the animated television show The Simpsons.

The Simpsons is unique in that its characters are often seen attending church.  In fact, religion is a dominant theme of this popular show.  The family is often seen praying to God, and the show seems to be acutely aware of the significant place religion has in the American landscape.

The show satirizes religion, but is not seen as anti-religious, as the Simpsons themselves are Christian and some are spiritual in nature.  Most episodes call for a sensible, tolerant and less fanatical religious devotion.  Although the show mocks religion, it is not dismissive of faith, and has wide acceptance among those that practice religion, probably because the show targets all kinds of hypocrisies, not just religious ones.  

D’oh, God! uses episodes of The Simpsons as the basis for in-depth discussions of a wide variety of religious topics.  At each class, an entire episode is viewed, a distinct advantage when discussion is the intention.  After viewing, the class engages in discussion and activities, designed to encourage deep contemplation of issues.

This program is for ages 12-112.  

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