Oct 13: RE Newsletter

Religious Education Weekly Newsletter: October 13th, 2013


Howdy Parents,


This Week in Spirit Play the children will participate in “Belinda’s Bouquet” by Leslea Newman which is a

‘Red Promise’ Story: Respect All People. (This story was supposed to be completed on Septemper 29th but wasn’t)


“Belinda’s Bouquet” is a story of how a young girl named Belinda is teased for having gained weight. She and Daniel, both about ten years old, discover with the help of one of Daniel’s mothers and a garden cared for by his other mother that people, like flowers, are different. Some people are short, some of us are tall, some are dark, some are light, some are overweight and some are thin. All people have special needs which make each one quite beautiful and unique. Belinda comes to realize that her body belongs to her and that it is okay to look and be different from others. Here are some questions you can follow up with your children about this Sunday’s lesson:


I wonder how it feels to be friends and do everything together?

I wonder how it feels to be called fat?

I wonder if anyone has ever called you something that hurt you?

I wonder if you have ever made fun of anyone else?

I wonder how they felt about it?

I wonder how it feels to be special, to be a gift?


This Week in Elementary the children will participate in “Why Wisdom is Everywhere” which is a Source Story: Sense of Wonder.

In the story ‘Anasi’ the spider is gifted with the jug of wisdom, but wishes to hoard it away from the world so that he’s able to become the only one with Wisdom. He is however stumped by the problem of how to get the jug from his hiding place. When his son provides him with an idea he becomes angry that he’s not the only

one with Wisdom and smashes the jug sending the Wisdom everywhere.

To follow up with the activity the children will navigate a spider web (made of yarn) and attempt to collect as many bugs as possible. They will alternate working in pairs and alone, and then discuss which is more productive, and why we must work together to accomplish things.

Some follow up question you might ask your child today could be:

How did the story tie into our third principle?

I wonder what would have happened if Anansi hadn’t dropped the pot?

I wonder what would have happened if Intikuma hadn’t given Anansi a suggestion?

I wonder if wisdom really is everywhere?

I wonder if all the wisdom was picked up or if there’s still some out there unclaimed?


This Sunday the Teens will stay in the service to celebrate Association Sunday with the rest of the congregation. You might follow up by asking your teens the following questions, and discussing them as a family.

Do you feel apart of something bigger than just our church?

How does it make you feel that there are multiple congregations that make up our faith?

What about the service did you enjoy?

What would you change if you could?