Know Your Why

Re-Opening our congregations in a post-pandemic reality is a process, not an event. In addition, we won’t know the date when we feel safe to gather again until it has passed. We are called in this moment to prepare for gathering by evaluating what is at the center of our congregations.

The process also includes the growing knowledge that we have been socially distant for more than a year, and we are frankly out of practice when it comes to being in our Unitarian Universalist communities. We can be intentional about how we come together again, practice our shared faith, and grow deeper in our connections by re-covenanting together. 

This ninety-minute session will frame this conversation about the process of re-opening through the lens of discovering what is at our center and how those values can inform us toward the creation of sacred promises we make to forge and fortify our in-person and online communities. After this session, members will be invited to more of this work in small groups at later dates. The session will be recorded for those who wish to participate in small group discernment but are unable to attend this Saturday session.