Feb 27: 7pm Articulating Your Faith

Join us beginning Thursday, February 27th, for an engaging Religious Education offering of Articulating Your UU Faith. This course “guides participants through a series of easy and engaging exercises–personal reflection, role-play, discussion… that equip them to communicate their liberal religious ideals.” Articulating is a great exercise for both new UUs and those who are very familiar with our faith. In addition to giving participants the tools to talk about our faith to others, it also encourages deep thought about UU theology and religious language.

This 5-week course is open to adults, youth, members and friends who have previously attended a Newcomer Class. It is a closed-session format, so attendees should be able to attend at least 4 out of the 5 sessions. This allows the group to covenant together and creates continuity.

Articulating is our absolute favorite class – we have both learned a lot about ourselves and our faith each time we have gone through it. We hope to see you there!