This Class is full.  A new covenant group will begin in Fall 2019

Heart to Heart Sign Up

Heart to Heart time is coming…. Sign up time is here!
Join a small group of fourteen gatherings for reflection and sharing.
Begins January 9 and will meet 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month through July, meeting 7-9 pm (dates below).

Sign up in the back of the sanctuary or email

February 13 Balance
February 27 Forgiveness
March 13 God
March 27 Loss and Grief
April 10 Money
April 24 Nature
May 8 Success and Failure
May 22 Friendship
June 12 Doubt
June 26 Making Peace with Parents
July 10 Sustainable Living
July 24 Endings
The Heart to Heart Covenant Group is a good way to explore personal beliefs and possibilities and a great way to get to know a group of people.

We will be using the book Heart to Heart by Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins, available at If you don’t have Amazon Prime or for any other reason would prefer that our DRE Chris Jarman purchase a copy for you, let her know ( and she will get it for you at cost (currently $12.34 per paperback copy), no shipping charge.

For our first gathering, reflect on the idea of sharing in a group by creating your own stepping stones (see below) and choosing one or more of the other journaling suggestions to explore this topic.

Stepping Stones. To help you begin to tell your story to others in the group, think about your life so far as a set of stepping stones marking major eras in your life. These could include your years as a single mother, or the time you served in the military, or the job you had in Portland, or the time you spent recovering from an accident. Often stepping stones begin or end with a major event of some kind. You might describe one by saying, “I was promoted to a job which I hated and I did it faithfully for three years until I had a heart attack, which was a wake-up call, and so I moved on to …” Or “Joey was born and I stayed home with him and earned my degree. I graduated, he turned three, and that era ended.”

Start with as many stepping stones as you’d like, but try to collapse them into about five “eras” that you are willing to share.

Journaling Suggestions:  What is your favorite childhood story? What is your favorite “victim” story, your favorite “hero” story?

  • When you were a child, how did your family act around the dinner table? What was mealtime like?
  • Write about a time in the past few years when you called on one or several of “your communities” for help, nurturing, and support.

Along with your “Stepping Stones” list, bring to the group five tokens such as coins, game markers, pebbles, or similar small items. You can bring five of the same thing, or you can bring tokens that symbolize the five stepping stones of your life.