BBUUC’s Leadership Development Training

You are invited to participate in BBUUC’s Leadership Development Training

The coming church year, July 2021 – June 2022, will be a time of reunion, regeneration, and rethinking. We will need new voices and new perspectives. If you would like to be part of our community effort to make this church the best it can be, we invite you to our leadership training sessions. Whether you are interested in a leadership role now or in the future, please join us:

Serving The Church We Love: Training for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders
Sponsored by the Leadership Development Committee. Led by Linda Crawford

This is an ethics-based training: it focuses on knowing ourselves and our values. As leaders, we must start from a foundation of truthfulness, and this begins with knowing the truth about ourselves. Two weeks before each of the two sessions, participants will be sent simple guided exercises to enhance their self-knowledge. During the sessions, they will have the choice whether to reveal what they have discovered. We will then continue to explore and enhance our compassion, our courage, and our sense of responsibility.

The training will consist of two sessions of no more than two hours each. The first session will concern truthfulness and compassion. The second will concern courage and responsibility. Because of the profound nature of the questions we will explore, the training will be limited to 6-8 participants at a time. 

This training is as much about developing character as it is about developing leadership. Please consider joining us.

There will be 2 two-part trainings in March and early April:

For each training set, their two sessions will be held two weeks apart, to give participants time to complete the exercises at their leisure.  Sign up by emailing 

First set: Session 1: Saturday, March 13, 10 AM; Sess. 2: Saturday, March 27, 10 AM
Second set: Session 1: Saturday, March 20, 3 PM; Session 2: Saturday, April 3, 3 PM