Section 1.  Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting shall be held in May at a place and time designated by the Board of Directors. At the Annual Meeting the officers, Leadership Development Committee, and Trustees as required shall be elected, and the annual financial report and other committee reports for the current year shall be presented. The budget for the following fiscal year shall be voted on. Action at the Annual Meeting shall be limited to matters stated in the Notice for that meeting.

Section 2.  Special Meetings

Special meetings of the membership may be called by the Board of Directors. When requested by petition signed by a minimum of twenty-five (25) percent of the Members of the Church, a special meeting must be called within four (4) weeks by the Board of Directors upon receipt of such petition. Action at any special meeting shall be limited to matters stated in the notice of such meeting.

Section 3.  Notice

Written notice of Annual and special meetings of the Church stating the time, place and agenda of the meeting shall be mailed to the Members not less than ten (10) days prior to the meeting.

Section 4.  Quorum

Twenty-five (25) percent of the Members qualified to vote shall constitute a quorum for all matters except:

  • Amending the Bylaws.
  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • Approving the purchase of land or a building.
  • Calling of a Minister.

The quorum for these exceptions shall be forty percent (40%) of Members qualified to vote. At the annual meeting the Bylaws do not need the increased quorum.

Section 5.  Voting

  • Proxy votes shall be available only to Members who cannot attend a given meeting for reasons of incapacitation, travel or work. Proxy votes count toward quorum.
  • All proxies must be submitted using the Board approved procedure included with the meeting notice.
  • A simple majority vote may decide any motion except when a supermajority is required. A simple majority is when there are more yea votes than nay votes.
  • A supermajority is when the number of yea votes is equal to or greater than 4 times the number of nay votes.
  • A supermajority is required for changes to these Bylaws and any matter that requires the forty percent (40%) quorum, as specified in the previous section.
  • Abstentions don’t count as a vote but can be used to ensure quorum is still met.

Section 6.  Procedure

Except as provided herein and in the Articles of Incorporation, Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all matters of parliamentary procedure. The Board will appoint a Parliamentarian.