Dear BBUUC Members and Friends,

It would be an understatement to say these past couple of years were a time of great challenge and change in our communities, in our Congregation, and in our own lives. We’ve adapted to the challenges of a socially-distanced world, and even learned some new ways to engage with family and friends. We started out to meet the challenges of the pandemic with fully remote video-based Sunday services that have been more thought-provoking and spiritually nourishing than ever and allowed more people to participate. We want to extend a special thanks to the Worship Committee for their dedication each week in making that happen. And then we were able to transition to a hybrid form of services, which allowed those who felt comfortable to attend in person under a number of restrictions. And now, we are especially looking forward to a day in the near future where we can all come together without required restrictions.

Through all of this, BBUUC has been there for us. Our Committees and Congregational leadership have stayed active, always thinking ahead for new ways BBUUC can thrive in our changing world. Can you imagine what the coming year will look like when we can fully come back together in person while leveraging everything we learned in the past year?

More than ever, we’re reminded that these things, and the many other wonderful things this Congregation does, are made possible by embracing our Stewardship theme of “Love Will Weave Us Together”:

  • Together in Exploring Spirituality
  • Together in Engaging Community
  • Together in Transforming the World
  • And Together in Giving

By coming together and pledging to our annual Stewardship campaign, we raise the money needed to sustain us and our mission. To succeed, we need everyone!

Starting on March 6th we will begin our annual Stewardship campaign and look forward to having 100% of the Pledge Cards from our members submitted by March 21st so we have time to formulate next year’s budget that can be approved at our Annual Congregational Meeting in May.

Our goal in this year’s Campaign is to raise enough money to cover our projected expenses of $170,000, which will allow us to continue funding our thriving set of ministries and events, maintain our facilities, continue our tradition of compensating our Minister, our Director of Religious Education, and our staff according to UUA Fair compensation guidelines and provide support to community organizations that align with our values and can amplify our voices. We’re asking everyone to continue your strong support, and perhaps consider an increase to help BBUUC remain strong and vibrant. We understand that the pandemic did not affect everyone the same way financially. If you were on the positive side, please consider increasing your pledge to offset the impact from those who found themselves on the negative side.

Can we count on your support?

We are providing an online Pledge Card for your convenience. If you need an alternative to the online form, please contact the Office ( All of us Coming Together in giving will allow BBUUC to carry out our ministries and our mission.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

As we move forward in fellowship, we wish you peace, joy, and abiding love.

Your Stewardship Team