Speaker: David Dean

To Be or To Become

David Dean presents
“To Be or To Become”
A sermon written by 
Rev. Rod Richards
Caitlin Regan, Worship Leader
Eileen Morrison, Accompanist
Tyler Kidd (Piano), Special Music

A sermon on welcoming who we are when we give up trying to become who we are not.

About … read more.

Follow Your Bliss

David Dean presents
“Follow Your Bliss”
A sermon by UU Minister Rev. Sarah York
Jennifer Bacmeister, Worship leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Mike Bernos, Special Music

In following with our Soul Matters Theme of “Finding Our Center,” David will deliver a sermon written by UU … read more.

Where Seldom is Heard…

David Dean presents
“Where Seldom is Heard…”
A sermon written by 
Rev. Rod Richards
Beth Curtis, Worship Leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Job Meiller, Special Music, Guitar and Vocals

Dis-courage-ment robs me of courage. How can I ever replenish courage—restore courage—if I am in this … read more.

Drawing On the Wide Side of The Brain

David Dean presents
“Drawing On the Wide Side of The Brain”
A sermon written by 
Rev. Rod Richards
Donna Zimmerman, Worship Leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Cameron Norman (Soprano), Guest Musician

This sermon challenges Unitarian Universalists to “make the circle wider,” inviting and welcoming … read more.

To Bless and Not to Curse

David Dean presents
“To Bless and Not to Curse”
A sermon written by UU Minister Rev. Julie Stoneberg
With Donna Zimmerman as Worship Associate
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist
Special Music by Mike Ludwick, guitar and vocals
Often, I think, this ability to bless others, and our … read more.

This Very Moment

David Dean presents

“This Very Moment”

A sermon written by Rev. Peter A. Friedrichs

With Alyssa Halliday as Worship Leader

On finding joy in the balance…
“There is, as the Buddhists like to remind us, a middle path. The danger of living in the past or constantly hoping … read more.

Be Who You Are

David Dean, presents

“Be Who You Are” 

A sermon written by Rev. Peter A. Friedrichs

With Alyssa Halliday as Worship Leader

David will deliver this sermon from Reverend Peter Friedrichs that presents the theological insights of Rev. Forrest Church, who was a Minister in New York … read more.

Patriotism as a spiritual practice?

David Dean will present a sermon written by
Rev. Dr. Duncan Newcomer
“Patriotism as a spiritual practice?”

Worship Leader: Linda Mowers
Accompanist: Marilyn Smart

David Dean will share a sermon written by the Rev. Dr. Duncan Newcomer at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Castine (Maine) and the … read more.