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Animal Chaplain

UU Animal Chaplain Elizabeth DeCoux is available to provide support to any BBUUC member grieving the death of an animal, whether the loss is recent, many years ago, or anticipated.  She is also available to attend an animal’s euthanasia within Duval County and to provide … read more.

The Mountain is Hiring!

As our programming is increasing,  The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center, UU-affiliated, in western North Carolina is filling several seasonal and permanent positions.  The Mountain is a magical place to live and work.  Please consider applying for one of these positions, and encourage others … read more.

Animal Ministry May 2022

88% of pet owners consider their pet a part of the family.  When such a companion animal dies, however, the comforting rituals which typically accompany the death of a human family member are rarely available to the bereaved.  Things are changing for the better.  BBUUC … read more.

Linda Crawford Book

What’s so special about Unitarian Universalism?

This faith has transformed the author’s understanding of herself and the world. In 20 stand-alone chapters, Linda answers questions like:

What does spiritual growth really mean? 

How do we make our lives meaningful?

What can I do with my liberal rage? 

How does our … read more.

Animal Grief Support Group

Sometimes a companion animal needs to be euthanized.  A review of the dictionary definition reveals that the word “euthanasia” comes from the Greek words “eu” meaning good (think of euphoria and eulogy), and “thanas,” meaning death.  When there is no cure for an animal’s illness … read more.

Disclosure Screening

April 3rd 12:00-2:30 in our Sanctuary
Religious Education and Rainbow Welcoming Ministry invite You to view 

*This Documentary includes scenes with brief frontal nudity*

Disclosure shows how the fabled stories of Hollywood deeply influence how Americans feel about transgender people, and how trans … read more.

We Did a Thing!!!

A big shout out to our Director of Religious Education Chris Jarman for facilitating the 11 week “Widening the Circle of Concern” study group for BBUUC’s Board, Minister, and Council leadership.

“Widening the Circle of Concern” is the June 2020 Report of the … read more.

Creating a Congregational Covenant at BBUUC

As a faith without a doctrine, creed, or dogma, Unitarian Universalism has, since the beginning of our formation, been a religion based on Covenant – a practice of promising to walk together.

At BBUUC, we have a solid practice of creating covenants within … read more.

Animal Grief Support Group

Our society does not value the lives of our companion animals the same way it values the lives of our human relatives. When a human family member dies, there is often a memorial service or celebration of life attended by relatives, friends, and neighbors. A … read more.