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Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation and Empowerment

ICARE March 2024

ICARE gets city to study climate change

There’s no point in building if those buildings are going to be under water ~ Mayor Donna Deegan 

By 2070, three times as many people in Jacksonville will be exposed to flooding as today. That’s the bad news. The good … read more.

ICARE February 2024







ICARE Research Issue Update: Mental Health 

Jax Mayor’s Office Learns About Treatment, Not Jail for People in Crisis

Most states spend more money to incarcerate people with mental illnesses than to treat them. ~ Judge Steve Leifman, founder, Miami-Dade County Criminal Mental Health Project

They … read more.

ICARE December 2023

Bending Toward Justice


at Violence Intervention Press Conference







Fifty-one ICARE network members—including six from BBUUC—made the case to news outlets that JSO’s Group Violence Intervention Program needs to be reassessed. This, after Sheriff T.K. Waters failed to … read more.

2023 ICARE’s Community Problems Assembly


Build Stronger Communities Through Better Policy at 

ICARE’s Community Problems Assembly



Join us and become part of this year’s plan to deal with flooding, gang violence, over-policing, and mental health crises

When: 7 p.m. Monday, October 30

Where: Christ the King Catholic Church; 742 Arlington Rd N

At … read more.

ICARE September 2023

We’re Looking for 

Your Stories

Join an ICARE House Meeting*

And Put Your Faith into Action!

Share insights on community problems

Flooding ~ Mental health ~ Neighborhood violence ~ Police fees, fines, traffic stops ~ and more

Enjoy food, fellowship, and social justice:

Sunday, Sept. 10, noon, Olympia Brown Room at … read more.

ICARE August 2023

ICARE Gains at Sheriff’s Town Hall

ICARE showed up in force and scored wins at Sheriff T.K. Waters’s town hall last month. Thirty-four members came and ICARE ranked high in news coverage. Here’s how our agenda fared:

Gang (Group) Violence Intervention… read more.

ICARE June 2023

If you believe in social justice for Jacksonville

Thank a BBUUC member who showed up!

Because of you, Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters agreed to:

Tour Miami’s model program for handling mental health calls
Coordinate 911 operators with the new 988 mental health hotline

Kritinia  Altes
Viqui Hilliard
Judy Olevnik
Madeline Sims

Mary Avery
Missy  … read more.

ICARE May 2023

Moral arc bends small

Thin support from sheriff at ICARE 2023 Nehemiah Action

It was a night of tough love at Abyssinia Baptist Church. A Jacksonville interfaith assembly of 650 church members – including 49 from BBUUC– gathered to ask Sheriff T.K. Waters to focus more on … read more.

ICARE March 2023

ICARE Justice Moment:

Don’t arrest someone over a mental breakdown

Police officers are typically the first responders to incidents involving people with mental illness, and too often it doesn’t end well. JSO has told us the only two possible responses are: to arrest the person or to … read more.