ICARE March 2024

ICARE gets city to study climate change

There’s no point in building if those buildings are going to be under water ~ Mayor Donna Deegan 

By 2070, three times as many people in Jacksonville will be exposed to flooding as today. That’s the bad news. The good news? Now that we know about it, we can begin planning what to do.

ICARE scored a big win when Jacksonville completed a flood vulnerability assessment earlier this year. The $1 million study – one of the most expensive statewide — tells us the land, people and infrastructure that will be affected by climate change induced flooding over the next 50 years. Communities that do flood assessments may compete for $100 million in annual state funds for resilience projects, like higher bulkheads or better drainage. 

Who called on the city to do a flood vulnerability assessment?

  • 2019: Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • 2019: Jacksonville’s Adaptation Action Areas report
  • 2021: City Council Special Committee on Resiliency
  • 2022: ICARE

And in 2023, it got done! Never underestimate what we can accomplish when we all work together. Come with us to the Nehemiah Assembly this April 15 and together, we’ll make even greater things happen!

ICARE is a Jacksonville-wide interfaith coalition that petitions elected leaders on issues of social justice. To learn more, contact icare@bbuuc.org