Speaker: Phillip Baber

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Pastor Phillip Baber
“Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”
With Alyssa Halliday as Worship Leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist, and Special Music Performance
In what is likely his final sermon before moving to Dublin, Ireland, Phillip Baber will share words of encouragement and exhortation in … read more.

Reflections on Israel/Palestine

Pastor Phillip Baber presents
“Reflections on Israel/Palestine” 
With Elizabeth DeCoux as Worship Leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist 
Special Music by Lynn Wadley
In this sermon, Phillip will share experiences and insights from his recent trip to Israel and Palestine.

About Our Guest Speaker:

Phillip … read more.

The Awakening That Didn’t Happen

Pastor Phillip Baber presents
“The Awakening That Didn’t Happen” 
With Alyssa Halliday as Worship Leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist 
Special Music by Dr. John Daugherty, Vocals

“Awakening” is the Soul Matters theme explored by UU congregations for the month of April, while April … read more.

Joy, Actually

Pastor Phillip Baber presents

“Joy, Actually”

With Claudia Marshall as Worship Leader

Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist 

Grace Scarborough, Guest Musician, Piano

In this sermon, we will examine the role of joy in the Unitarian Universalist faith and how a UU “theory of joy” may differ from its Christian counterpart.

About our … read more.

Video Service: July 4th for Two Americas

Carole Hawkins will lead our service with a message by Phillip Baber entitled “July 4th for Two Americas.”
On Independence Day 168 years ago, Frederick Douglas eloquently bore witness to two Americas. Much has changed since that time, and much has not. In this sermon … read more.

Video Service: Faith Over Fear

Caitlin Regan will lead our worship with a message by Phillip Baber entitled “Faith Over Fear.”

In this brief sermon, Phillip shares how the twin pillars of his personal faith—Christianity and Unitarian Universalism—are helping to sustain him through the COVID-19 pandemic.

There will also be a special musical performance … read more.

Love Hurts

Phillip Baber
“Love Hurts”

Worship Leader: Lee Plumb
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Special Music by The Melodears

As Valentine’s Day looms, we will examine America’s fetishization of romantic love and consider the power of embracing rejection.

About our speaker:

Phillip Baber is the former pastor of the Unitarian Universalist Church … read more.

Unitarian Universalism: A Faith of Uncertainty and Certitude

September 15

Phillip Baber

“Unitarian Universalism: A Faith of Uncertainty and Certitude”

Worship Leader: Caitlin Regan
Accompanist: Gary Smart
Special Music by Phillip Baber

While Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religion that is open to all manner of belief concerning the nature of the divine and ultimate meaning, there … read more.

Two Sides of Transcendence

The “transcendent experience” is a universal human phenomenon foundational to the religions of people all across the world. In this sermon, we will examine both the positive and negative impacts on those who experience them.

Phillip will also perform special music in honor of Father’s Day.

About … read more.

The Death of Manhood: Beyond Masculinity

Phillip Baber Presents
“The Death of Manhood: Beyond Masculinity”

About our Service:
What does it mean to be a man in the day and age of “toxic masculinity”? Phillip explores answers to this question: from redefining “manhood” to ridding ourselves of the notion of “masculinity” altogether.

About our … read more.