Where Seldom is Heard…

David Dean presents
“Where Seldom is Heard…”
A sermon written by 
Rev. Rod Richards
Beth Curtis, Worship Leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Job Meiller, Special Music, Guitar and Vocals

Dis-courage-ment robs me of courage. How can I ever replenish courage—restore courage—if I am in this world where an encouraging word is seldom heard…

About our Speaker 

David Dean, BBUUC member and an integral part of our Worship Team, is an Emmy-nominated editor who works as Senior Editor/Post-Producer for the PBS series Samantha Brown’s Places to Love. David is also a presenter, writer, and storyteller, who volunteers his time as the editor of our worship videos and contributes his other talents in the worship arts to our ministry. 

About the Sermon Author

Reverend Rod Richards, the author of this sermon, is the minister of the Unitarian Universalists, San Luis Obispo (CA) since 2012. He previously served the UU church of Southeastern Arizona in Sierra Vista. He also serves as Vice President of the UU Ministers Association. Rev. Richards is committed to the practice of sacred flexibility.

Special Music by Job Meiller

Born in the big city of Atlanta, GA …and raised on a dirt road in the country . . . he took his early musical influences from FM radio. Pop, country, blues, reggae, “alternative” rock, classic rock, funk, soul, disco. All of it. From that broad spectrum of musical influences, he cultivated his unique style as a singer and as a songwriter. Drawn to the music that tugged at his emotions . . . he found magic at the beautiful intersection of country, blues & soul. And now that magic lives in him. Without any formal training, one can’t help but call his music folk. It’s very unique. The sound, the strum, the feeling. Whether you’re listening to a song from his last record . . . or the singing of Amazing Grace acapella . . . his music is heartfelt and very real. He gets lost in it. It takes him over. If you close your eyes, it will take you somewhere. You can’t help but feel it.