Transitions, Companions & Expectations

Rev. Carmen Emerson presents
“Transitions, Companions & Expectations”
Elizabeth DeCoux, Worship Leader
Gary Smart, Accompanist
Mike Bernos, Special Music

Our affiliated community minister, Rev. Carmen Emerson, offers a reflection on what it means to navigate the “wilderness” of transition and what is fair for us to expect of one another as companions on a covenantal journey as we begin a new season of congregational life and shared ministry at BBUUC.

About our Speaker

Rev. Carmen Emerson is the Affiliated Community Minister in covenant with BBUUC. Her work as an ordained UU minister in full fellowship happens within the wider Jacksonville community as the Lead Chaplain for Baptist Medical Center Nassau. She is a BCCI/APC Board-Certified chaplain, and her experience as a parish minister includes ten years of full-time service to our UU congregations in Albuquerque, NM (contract); Meadville, PA (called); and Nashville, TN (called).

Special Music by Mike Bernos

Mike Bernos is an accomplished businessman, musician, producer, and writer. A singer/songwriter of many genres, he is the founder and plays with Spice & the Po Boys and AmpleAngst. Mike is a member of BBUUC and is the husband of Annabelle Gallois-Bernos and the father of Joachin.